Escapades in Womanland! – Ep1 – Seeing women

Whenever I see a gorgeous woman, instead of enjoying her beauty and radiance she exudes into this world, I find myself having negative thoughts about myself. What does she think … Continue Reading →

The 60-day Love commitment

I didn’t want to call this”the 60 day challenge” or even “the 60 day experiment”. As a matter of fact, it IS a commitment. I am committing to loving myself … Continue Reading →

The Quest for Discipline

This is an area I struggled with for as long as I can remember. I would develop a consistent meditation practice for a few weeks and when I let my … Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Presence Process by Michael Brown

Anyone should experience the magic of Michael Brown and his word plays…they are extraordinary. E.g. innocence = inner sense, intimacy = into me i see, there are at least a … Continue Reading →

Book Review: Living on Love “The Messenger” by Klaus Joehle

Wow, the first two chapters just lit me up. Klaus describes this encounter with a woman Neena, who seems to be the owner, and Danny, the bartender, as Klaus walks … Continue Reading →


I have come across a lot of reviews, on great books, that mention over and over that the author could have “trimmed” his book, used too much “repetition”, “milked the … Continue Reading →

How to react after defeat and Why I love Manchester United

I took a real spanking that week in the pool hall. It was a rough night and I had lost all my games after months of amazing progress. I was … Continue Reading →